Guidance Reminder: You always have the right to add a consumer statement to your credit report. This note explains your financial situation and can be seen by anyone who views your report.

当增加一个消费者陈述你的环联必威娱乐官网报告,您可以轻松地从预措辞选项中进行选择,如“我无法及必威娱乐官网时付款,由于我工作的影响/工资作为COVID-19大流行的结果,”或你可以写你自己的。该说明必须是100个字或更少(在缅因州200或更少)。访问 get started.

July 10, 2020

最新的美国消费者财务困难必威娱乐官网结果可用:Download our Wave 10 report now.获取有关如何经济困难,在整个大流行严重影响消费群体的见解。必威娱乐官网

June 8, 2020

最新的美国消费者财务困难必威娱乐官网结果可用::Download our Wave 9 report now.获取有关消费者行为反映了经济的焦虑是如何,因为必威娱乐官网我们五月的报告增加了见解。


最新的美国消费者财务困难必威娱乐官网结果可用:Download our Week 8 Report now. Learn more about how Millennials continue to feel the most impact financially and gain insights about the differences emerging in states partially reopening versus those that are still shutdown. Our next study will be available on June 5.


免费信用报告发售更新: Accessing your credit report is an important part of managing your credit health through the COVID-19 outbreak. TransUnion is pleased to offer youfree weekly credit reports onlinethrough April 2021 as part of our efforts to support all Americans during this difficult time.现在就在你的annualcreditreport.com免费的报告.

March 25, 2020

Support Center Update: Keeping our support centers open is an important part of our fundamental role in the communities where we live and work. We’re committed to providing you with access to the credit services you need while ensuring the health and safety of our associates. We want you to know that our call centers are experiencing significant wait times due to COVID-19. Please use our数字化服务要么社会关怀选项更快的服务。


Support Center Update:由于COVID-19的爆发,我们的呼叫中心正在经历显著的等待时间。为了更快的服务,我们鼓励您使用我们的数字化服务所有您的信用相关的需求。

指南更新:我们已经创建了一个实用的指南to help you understand how to protect and stay in control of your credit during this uncertain time