Leasing or Buying a Car


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重要的是要了解租赁或购买新车将如何影响您的财务,如每月预算,债务比率和信用评分。Most drivers are so excited about buying a new car,they don't realize how it impacts their finances.Understanding how leasing or buying a car affects your monthly budget,debt ratios and credit score can help you make the right financial choices.当你买一辆车,you might pay for it with savings,borrowed money or a combination of both.You might consider making as much of a down payment as possible to keep your loan amount down.借来的钱越少,减去你必须支付的利息总额。


获得汽车租赁或汽车贷款可能是你的第一次信用体验。It's important to know that making your car payments in full and on time helps establish a good credit history.汽车租赁或贷款是负债,而且你的付款包括在每月的债务比率中。If you apply for a mortgage,学生贷款,汽车或信用卡时支付,you may qualify for a lower amount than if you didn't have them.

Leasing and depreciation

When leasing a vehicle,you pay for the reduction in the car's value that happens during the time you're using it.When the term is over,你没有车,but you'll usually have the option to buy it at an agreed-upon price.


One of the financial differences between buying a car and leasing one is how it affects your financial net worth.你的净资产就是你的总资产,or things you own,减去所欠债务,这是你的责任。当您购买车辆时,它变成了一种资产,你拥有它,though a finance company may have an interest in it if you have a loan.

Because ownership of a leased car doesn't pass to you,it isn't your asset.Lease payments are,however,a monthly expense or liability.When you lease a car,你的负债增加了,但你的资产没有增加,so your net worth decreases.

另一方面,monthly car loan obligations can be more expensive than leases because you pay for the entire cost of the car instead of the"use"value.

Other monthly car costs

Whether you're leasing or buying a car,think about the ongoing costs.Gas,汽车保险费,regular maintenance and repairs add up over time.When you own a car,you pay for these expenses on your own,except for repairs that are covered under warranty.标准维护和维修可在租赁协议中涵盖,resulting in lower costs for people who lease.


汽车租赁协议通常包括对年里程数的限制。如果你开车超过了预定的年里程,expect to be charged for the additional mileage when your lease ends.If you buy out the lease,你可以避免额外的里程费。Also,请阅读租赁协议上的细则,了解您开始或结束租赁时可能发生的任何其他费用。

Think carefully before investing in a new car.比较租赁和购买的利弊,and ask lots of questions before signing any paperwork.



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