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It’s encouraging to see many organizations stepping up to help support to people who may be feeling anxious about their finances during this uncertain time. Many lenders have already committed to offering assistance to their customers who are affected by COVID-19–related financial pressure. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of companies and organizations that are providing a helping hand. It’s just one way we’re working to help you protect your credit health if you’re being financially impacted by COVID-19.

We’ll continue to update this list as more information comes in.

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Consumer Help Organizations

The following government and trade associations aim to protect you and provide education on topics related to credit and financial health.

Credit Counseling and Debt Organizations

The following non-profit organizations offerfreecredit counseling. These organizations can help guide you and give you peace of mind as you manage your credit health through this difficult time. Get started by using the links below to find credit counseling in your area.

Government Assistance

Financial Services Organizations

TheAmerican Bankers Associationhas alist of banks and the actionseach is taking to help customers financially impacted by COVID-19.

City and State Assistance

Many cities and states are offering resources to their residents who are struggling due to COVID-19. Find out what kind of financial guidance and/or assistance your city/state is offering to its citizens.

Check back here soon as we continue to add to the list of cities/states offering financial guidance.

Health Guidance