Prama Market Insights

Use 必威娱乐官网Consumer Credit Trends to Expand Market Share and Manage Risk

Actionable Market Data at Your Fingertips


Complete 必威娱乐官网Consumer Credit Behavior Data

Access 必威娱乐官网TransUnion's depersonalized national credit data file with nine quarters of revolving,installment and delinquency key performance metrics,including:

  • 平均余额和总余额,limits and utilization
  • Number of accounts
  • Average and total loan amount
  • 到期日,注销和破产


使用预先定义的仪表盘快速利用数据,thorough analysis.过滤器和交互式地图可通过以下方式动态深入了解有价值的信息:

  • Line of business
  • Industry
  • 帐户状态
  • 地理
  • 信用等级


Export dashboards for use in presentations or spreadsheets,including:

  • 图像–图表,graphs,maps
  • 数据-图表,data tables
  • Crosstab – Comma-separated values (CSV) file
  • PDF – Entire workbook,所选仪表板,特定纸张

How Prama Market Insights Works

Watch this short demo to see how you can leverage Prama Market Insights to make better marketing and risk decisions.